Zoo Nitro dropped their first EP (“Dark Topics”) on Not Aloud records in April, 2014.  This band produces a blend of hard-hitting horror punk and Psychedelia and it will grab you by the throat until you beg to be released.  But why would you?


The songs are primal, the instincts are aggressive and they have no boundaries.  They Dare to sing about Zombies, beasts, making love with Martian women and dimensions beyond our comprehension.  There’s nothing they won’t try or  experiment with.  Come along on a journey with Zoo Nitro!


It’s hard to believe, the truth is that Zoo Nitro arrived in the NYC area last year from out of nowhere. But it is as if they have been playing music together forever.  Johnny, Tedd, Skyye and Dirk...  are ... Zoo Nitro.

Now available from Not Aloud Records… download it or die!!i