Monkey With A Gun is a surf rock revival band with a difference…. they incorporate elements of garage rock, blues, psychedelia,  and grunge into their music…. often  all in the same song!  That’s why their first full-length CD “Phantom Wave” deserves your attention… it’s hard to imagine not taking a second… and third listen….


These NYC area veterans have an amazing resume.  Drummer Jim Catania played with the Misfits on the legendary Static Age album.  Bands like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica covered songs he played on.  Guitarists Chaz Jones and Rob Benny have released a library full of music between them.  On this record, you’ll hear blazing guitars, rock-solid bass and pounding drums…. and you’ll realize that these songs should be the theme music for every movie yet to be made!  Yeah, it’s that good!!