Finally, after 30 years, comes the recorded legacy of a band from Lodi, NJ., a band that almost made it, only if things broke just a little bit differently…Continental Crawler


Way back in the glory days of punk rock (1977-1979), there was another band from Lodi, NJ. – the legendary Misfits – but in the mid 70’s the Misfits’ lead singer Glenn Danzig was a member of several groups, playing original material with drummer Jim Catania and guitarists Stevie Lin and Chaz Jones. In 1977, Catania and Lin joined up with bassist Mike Myers and became Continental Crawler; Chaz Jones then joined on keys and guitar.  Lin and Jones were Danzig’s first writing partners, uniting his lyrics and original music from Lin and Jones…Catania eventually moved into drummer’s chair was many things rolled into one; one part garage, one part power-pop, one part punk…for the Misfits.


Jim left the Misfits in 1978 to return to Continental Crawler, recording a 45 that now sells for $50 plus on the collector’s market.  This CD gathers the original 6 studio tracks along with rare live, demos, and basement tapes recorded between 1977 and 1979.