The Cheap Vibes have just dropped their new full-length release entitled “Say What You Want” on Not Aloud Records. This hard-hitting yet insightful collection of 14 songs probes life, love, alienation, memory and censorship/free speech.


 The Cheap Vibes combine elements of garage rock with punk, psychedelic and blues overtones that act as the foundation for the melodies and lyrics that audiences in NYC and Northern Jersey have come to expect from a band that’s been cooking up this musical drama for almost 10 years.


This band’s rhythm section features Steve Berman (ex-Victims) on bass and Nick Pappalardo manning the drum kit.  Billy Mutz lends the powerful and heartfelt lead vocals.  Rob Benny’s the lead guitarist and predominant songwriter Mike Myers provides guitar and keyboards.


The Cheap Vibes formed in December of 2011 when Mike Myers, Rob Benny, and Steve Berman (ex-Victims) teamed up to form a retro style Garage Rock band with psychedelic overtones and a protopunk attitude.


Not long after, Nick Pappalardo jumped on board, solidifying the band as a tight, compact unit that moves forward with raw aggression, punchy rhythm, and all the dirty fuzz one can want. Not long after singer Bill Mutz joined the fray and the lineup was solidified.


In 2019 the Cheap Vibes released their newest record, SAY WHAT YOU WANT and are currently preparing material for their next LP.


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