The Sear

The Sear is both a studio project masterminded by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Mike Myers with a variety of friends, as well as a solo performance vehicle in the NYC metro area.  There have been 2 intriguing CDs so far from this project;  “House Afire” and “Love, Or Life”.

Mike is a veteran rocker who played in 2 cult favorite bands…. Continental Crawler and The Adults.  In fact, the Continental Crawler EP “Promotional Pollution” often can be found on eBay for $100 or more.  In those bands he played bass and keyboards and also was the lead vocalist on the songs he wrote.

These days, Mike prefers songwriting and producing as his favorite creative outlets.  When the muse strikes him, he writes  rockers, blues numbers, reggae and ballads, and he often offers the songs to other recording acts that he associates with.

He plays all of the instruments on most of the songs but brings in a variety of skilled musician friends when necessary.  The House Afire CD was a profound reflection on the troubled state of the world using metaphors and wordplay to frame his ideas in these thoughtful songs.  The Love, Or Life album was an analysis of relationships…. the joy, pain, problems and solutions that lovers need and use.

Mike plans to drop his long-awaited 3rd CD later in 2014, and he promises it will be chockfull of up-tempo rockers.  Again, always moving forward, never repeating himself….