The Cheap Vibes

cvpicThe Cheap Vibes rock the NYC metro area on a regular basis and our new CD “No Way Out” is being released this month. Check us out on Facebook and Youtube… The sound…. Garage Rock energy, Psychedelic Blues-Rock overtones, and Punk mentality… blended together perfectly and executed by a veteran band. The Cheap Vibes formed in December of 2011 when Mike Myers, Rob Benny, and Steve Berman (ex-Victims) teamed up to form a retro style Garage Rock band with Psychedelic overtones and a 

Protopunk attitude. Not long after, Nick Pappalardo jumped on board, solidifying the band as a tight, compact unit that moves forward with raw aggression, punchy rhythm, and all the dirty fuzz one can want. Then, singer Stan Michael entered the fold, bringing his charismatic stage presence and energy to the table. The band has now finished their first release; a hard-hitting, energized album featuring 12 of our best songs.  It is being released in April on Not Aloud Records. The lyrics are meaningful and the melodies are unforgettable…. Please contact us on Facebook at:… and LIKE US!!!If you want to hear garage rock that really rocks, give a listen to The Cheap Vibes!! Digital downloads and streaming available from all popular sites and services… And visit our website: