Paul Mauled & The Defendents

Take A Deep BreathPaul Mauled is a New Jersey born and razed singer/menace/songwriter who came to infamy as the front man for the Bad Whoremoans and as the bass player in the Undead. After 5 years and three albums of three chord monster mosh fodder, Paul decided he had enough...  He purchased a fuzz pedal, and focused on hammering out three chord power pop / pop punk / garage rock anthems about broads, bores and life's little inadequacies. Paul Mauled's Not Aloud Records debut, Take A Deep Breath, is a compilation of songs recorded in a dozen different places between 2011 and 2014. It's a collection that covers love, death, hate, spontaneity, madness, and plastic size queens. It makes a great gift. Find more at: