About Us

About Not Aloud Records…..
Long ago, there used to be a lot of small indie labels that produced the most amazing, mind-blowing music you ever (but more probably never) heard.  There were thousands of them that sprung up to release garage rock, psychedelic, and blues records.  Some of them were regional, some focused on a style or artist, and some became legendary.   Then, some years ago, a huge consolidation in the industry occurred and the major labels bought out these smaller guys and it wasn’t until a revival of the DIY era that a huge number of small indie labels sprung up again.

The good news is that technology and social media make it possible for the little guys to have a voice again.  And that’s where Not Aloud Records enters the story.  We opened our doors in 2006 because we had some cool archival music from an underground pop-punk band called Continental Crawler that featured some semi-legendary guys from the punk rock hotbed of Lodi, NJ.  A few of them played and wrote with Glenn Danzig in his 3 pre-Misfits bands, and one of them was the drummer in the Misfits during the Static Age years (you can find more on that in the Continental Crawler page elsewhere on this site).  The resulting CD was named one of the year’s best by WFMU in NYC.
That got us thinking that we should try again, and subsequently we put out CDs by The Sear, Monkey With A Gun, The Cheap Vibes and Zoo Nitro.  All are records with integrity, passion and great songs.  The label is currently a micro-indie and probably will never get much bigger than it is now.  We think the limit is about 5 new records a year, which will allow us to focus exactly the same way we have all along.  We encourage our artists to put everything they’ve got into a recording, then put it out there on the line for the public to digest.  And learn from what we’ve done and do even better the next time.
We love garage rock with psych and bluesy overtones, with a protopunk DIY attitude.  Fuzzy guitars.  Pounding drums.  Passionate vocals.  A primal feeling.  We want to capture the sound and ethos of an era that is hopefully in your head, if you’re still reading this far.  These are little audio movies meant to make your day a little better.
Here’s hoping you give us a listen……..